PVC Traffic Cone With Black Base

2017-8-14      View:
  • Brand   Saferoad
  • Type   PVC206, PVC207, PVC208,PVC209
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PVC traffic cone with black base

Interlocking design secures fluorescent portion of cone to recycle black PVC base

Superior fexibility in heat and cold

It can bounce back from an impact

Item No.:  Height  Base size  Reflective collar size Weight
PVC206 30cm(12") 220x220mm 15cm 1.2kg
PVC207 45cm(18") 270x270mm 15cm 1.5kg
PVC208 71cm(28") 360x360mm 15+10cm 3.2kg
PVC209 90cm(36") 360x360mm 15+10cm 4.5kg

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